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Need Accurate RF Power Measurements? Discover Key Features of the RTP5000 Series – Plus, Get a Discount

The Boonton RTP5000 Series Real-time USB Peak Power Sensors are ideal instruments for fast, accurate, and reliable RF power measurements. This blog post reviews how the RTP5000 Series sensors can address the most complex and demanding test challenges.

Measurement Speed, Parallel Processing, & Complementary Software 

Measurement Speed 100,000 per Second
Digital Signal Processing Methodology Real-time Power Processing TM (RTPP)
Complementary Software Utility RTP Measurement Buffer Mode Application 

BTN-May2024-promo-webad-300x250RTPP & Measurement Speed

RTP5000 Series sensors feature RTPP technology, which is a digital signal processing technique that captures and processes waveform samples in parallel to the acquisition. Parallel processing avoids lengthy acquisition pauses that can mask important waveform events, ensuring gap-free and latency-free measurements.

Leveraging the power of RTPP, the RTP5000 Series sensors deliver 100,000 sets of minimum, peak, and average power measurements per second.  

RTP Measurement Buffer Mode Application

RTP Measurement Buffer Mode enables virtually time-unlimited capture of sets of minimum, peak, and average power measurement results. Available via the RTP API, the complementary RTP Measurement Buffer Mode Application provides an easy way for users to explore this powerful feature.

Rise Time, Video Bandwidth, & Pulse Width

Rise Time 3 nanoseconds
Video Bandwidth 195 MHz
Pulse Width As narrow as 10 nanoseconds

Rise Time

Rise time represents how long it takes a signal’s leading edge to change from 10% to 90% of the pulse magnitude. Applications involving fast-rising RF envelopes, such as those used in radar and 5G time division duplex (TDD) systems, require sensors with fast rise times for accurate tracking. To meet this need, the RTP5000 Series offers an industry-leading rise time of less than 3 ns.

Video Bandwidth

Video bandwidth (VBW) refers to the frequency range over which a sensor can track a signal’s envelope power fluctuations. Choosing a sensor with the right VBW capabilities is crucial to maintain the accuracy of pulse shape characteristics and related power measurements.

The RTP5000 Series provides the widest video bandwidth at 195 MHz, an essential tool for testing systems that operate over a broad spectrum of frequencies, including Wi-Fi, cellular, satellite communications, and 5G.

Pulse Width

Applications such as pulsed radar may utilize pulsed RF signals with narrow pulse widths to improve separability between adjacent targets. For background, pulse width refers to the time interval between a pulse’s leading and trailing edges. The RTP5000 Series can analyze pulse widths as narrow as 10 ns, enabling characterization of high-resolution radar signals, among other use cases. 


Effective Sample Rate & Time Resolution

Effective Sample Rate 10 gigasamples per second 
Time Resolution 100 picoseconds

Effective Sample Rate

Effective sample rate refers to the rate a sensor collects data points of an RF signal and processes the measurement. Sensors such as the RTP5000 Series with a high effective sample rate (10 GSa/s) capture RF signal samples more frequently over time, enabling a more accurate and detailed depiction of waveform characteristics. This is especially important in dynamic environments with rapidly changing waveforms, where a subpar sample rate can miss critical signal phenomena. 

Time Resolution

A high effective sample rate correlates to a finer time resolution. Time resolution indicates the smallest time interval that a sensor can distinguish RF signal characteristics and capture data accurately. The RTP5000 Series has a time resolution of 100 ps, which enables thorough characterization of even the most nuanced waveform features.

Statistical Analysis, Multi-channel Measurements, & Test Environment

Statistical Analysis Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function (CCDF)
Synchronized, Multi-channel Measurements Up to 8 Channels with GUI, >8 with Remote Control
Complementary Software Application Boonton Power Analyzer Software (BPA)
Test Environment Flexibility Automated Test Environment or Benchtop

BTN-May2024-promo-webad-320x180Statistical Analysis

Applications using digitally modulated signals with high peak-to-average-power ratios (PAPR) can cause significant challenges, such as waveform clipping, amplifier nonlinearity, adjacent channel power leakage, poor signal quality, and increased bit errors. The RTP5000 Series offers powerful statistical analysis such as CCDF, which plots the probability of different PAPR levels, to broaden insight into signal behavior and test amplifier performance. Accessible via the RTP API, CCDF traces and statistical results can also be viewed using the BPA, an advanced measurement and analysis software that facilitates sensor control and readout.

Multi -Channel Measurements & Testing Environment

For testing multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) systems that use various antennas for transmit/receive operations, users can make synchronized, multi-channel RF power measurements with the RTP5000 Series sensors.

The RTP5000 Series can connect via USB to a laptop with the BPA. These sensors are also compatible with the PMX40 RF Power Meter, which combines the utility of a benchtop instrument with the flexibility of USB sensors. For maximum ease-of-use, the PMX40 features an intuitive, multi-touch display. 

Whether in automated test systems during production or a benchtop environment, the RTP5000 Series sensors are ideal for quick, accurate, and efficient RF power measurements.

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