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Why Should Directed Energy Weapons Integrate an Additive White Gaussian Noise Source?

Embedding a noise source into a laser weapon’s electronics can improve its effectiveness in neutralizing hostile targets. Want to learn how that’s possible? Available now is the Noisecom webinar, “How Can Additive White Gaussian Noise Increase the Power & Performance of Directed Energy Weapons?” Read the blog post below for a rundown on what this must-watch, on-demand webinar will cover.

Directed Energy Weapons

The webinar first explores the fundamentals of directed energy weapons (DEW), with a specific focus on laser-based systems.

  • Lasers vs. microwaves: There are various types of DEW that use different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Viewers will understand the distinctions in operation, applications, and effective range between two main types of DEW — high-energy lasers and high-power microwaves.
  • Use-cases by power levels: As power levels increase, so does the weapon’s use-case and intended target. Learn how a system’s maximum output power dictates the types of threats that can be countered successfully.
  • Advantages and disadvantages: DEW offer various advantages compared to traditional weaponry. For example, high-energy lasers reduce the risk of collateral damage with a highly accurate and controlled delivery. Watch to learn why laser weapons are an ongoing field of interest for military research and development, and the factors that detract from their viability in mission-critical campaigns.

Stimulated Brillouin Scattering

A phenomenon that limits a laser weapon’s performance when operating at higher power levels is known as Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS).

  • Causes and impact on performance: SBS occurs in the weapon system's fiber optic cabling. What conditions produce SBS and how does it affect the performance of high-energy lasers? Discover the answers in the Noisecom webinar.
  • Mitigation techniques: Spreading laser coherence can reduce the impact of SBS. While there are several ways to drive coherence spreading, one approach uses additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) Learn how coherence spreading works, different coherence spreading techniques, and the advantages of AWGN generation over other SBS mitigation methods.

Designing & Deploying Laser Weapons with AWGN

Is the laser weapon still in development or is it ready for use in actual missions? Choosing the right noise source to reduce SBS and enhance performance largely depends on the weapon's lifecycle stage.

  • Design & deployment: Weapon design involves rigorous rounds of testing in controlled lab or benchtop environments as well as climatic test chambers to determine the most optimal specifications for the finalized system. In the webinar, uncover the best noise solution and instrument capabilities for both the design and deployment stages.

Whether exploring DEW basics, the challenge and impact of SBS, or SBS mitigation with AWGN in design or deployment-ready systems, this presentation is a go-to reference to learn how noise sources can improve the performance of high-energy lasers. Watch the on-demand webinar today by filling out the form below.