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Demos Highlight Unique T&M Solutions for 5G Satellite Networks

To support the continued advancement of satellite communications networks, test solutions must advance in tandem to analyze and validate next-gen performance.

In two compelling demonstrations, Wireless Telecom Group utilizes its unique solutions to meet the testing needs of the satellite communications industry. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Demo 1: Testing an Amplifier to Its Noise Tolerance Limits

As low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite launches increase, satellite networks face significant challenges, such as rising noise floors and complex RF interference conditions. Amplifiers used in satellite systems must perform efficiently under varying noise levels to ensure high integrity communications.

Wireless Telecom Group has put together a demo that tests the noise tolerance of an amplifier, analyzing performance and phase noise. Featured capabilities include:

Satellite network designers need to know how their systems will operate in the real world, and the T&M solutions highlighted in this demo can provide that critical understanding.

Demo 2: Analyzing High-speed 5G TDD Signals

Time division duplex (TDD) is important for 5G satellite networks, especially in high frequency mmWave applications. Enabling an efficient use of spectrum, TDD is a form of duplex communication where uplink and downlink transmissions rapidly alternate between time slots on a single frequency band. 

After generating an emulated, pulsed 5G TDD signal, demo two utilizes test instrumentation with best-in-class performance to capture crucial waveform parameters and anomalies. Featured capabilities include:

Reliability and precision are paramount in 5G TDD satellite networks, and the T&M capabilities in this demo can ensure accurate characterization and analysis.

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You can read up on more details about the two demos by downloading the three write-ups below.



To see these demos for yourself, both are on display right now at SATELLITE 2022, booth 243. To check out all our satellite content featured at this year’s show, head over to